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What NDAA Offers
  • All grades have detailed easy-to-follow technical notations and music incorporating beats and bars which is most helpful for those aspiring to become better teachers and or take the SOBHD Judges' Examination.
  • An Annual NDAA Conference is held each January alternating between Sydney and Brisbane each year. Sessions are conducted by NDAA Examiners, SOBHD/ABHDI Judges, Teachers, and also other dance related professionals. All members are welcome to attend and, at times, some classes are open to registered dancers.
  • NDAA endeavour to hold Workshops for teachers and/or dancers when guest overseas and/or Australian Judges/Teachers are available following the Grand Australasian Championships. Other workshops are held for teachers and dancers at Headquarters when the new Championship steps are received from the SOBHD.
  • Teacher lessons with Examiners can be arranged if required to assist with details of examination syllabi.
  • NDAA Examiners are available to answer any queries on any aspect of the syllabi. This is particularly helpful if your query is minor and not requiring a full lesson from an Examiner.
  • Members are most welcome to make contact with the office staff at Headquarters in Sydney by phone on(02)9283 1600 or email  or  if assistance is required.