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Teacher Support

The NDAA offers valuable support to all teaching members so that their teaching is as effective and correct as possible pertaining to the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing, Edinburgh, Scotland, technical requirements. All examiners are current or former NDAA teachers of Highland Dancing and all are currently registered financial Judges of the SOBHD and /or the ABHDI. Examiners are required to attend an Examiners' Meeting annually.

  • All grades have detailed easy-to-follow technical notations and music incorporating beats and bars which is most helpful for those aspiring to become better teachers and or take the SOBHD Judges' Examination.
  • An Annual NDAA Conference is held each January alternating between Sydney and Brisbane each year. Sessions are conducted by NDAA Examiners, SOBHD/ABHDI Judges, Teachers, and also other dance related professionals. All members are welcome to attend and, at times, some classes are open to registered dancers.
  • NDAA endeavour to hold Workshops for teachers and/or dancers when guest overseas and/or Australian Judges/Teachers are available following the Grand Australasian Championships. Other workshops are held for teachers and dancers at Headquarters when the new Championship steps are received from the SOBHD.
  • Teacher lessons with Examiners can be arranged if required to assist with details of examination syllabi.
  • NDAA Examiners are available to answer any queries on any aspect of the syllabi. This is particularly helpful if your query is minor and not requiring a full lesson from an Examiner.
  • Members are most welcome to make contact with the office staff at Headquarters in Sydney by phone on(02)9283 1600 or email  or  if assistance is required.