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Become A Member

There are four categories of Membership namely:
Full Teacher Membership is available to those who have successfully attained an NDAA Teacher's Certificate or hold a similar qualification from another Highland examining body recognised by the ABHDI and/or SOBHD, seconded by an NDAA member and approved by the Board. A signed PED (Prohibited Employment Declaration) required. (Provisional Teacher Membership is considered for a period of not more than two years for those who have passed suitable examinations with a high degree of technical ability and are studying for their NDAA Teacher's Certificate.)
Only current NDAA Full Teacher Members can teach the NDAA syllabus in their own right and purchase all teaching aids pertaining to the NDAA syllabi including notations and CDs. Teachers are required to present students for examination at least once in a two year period and attend NDAA conference at least once in a three year period to ensure general technique and examination work be taught correctly.

Judge Membership - As per SOBHD direction, all Registered Judges must hold full membership of a recognised examining body. This level of membership is available to those persons with SOBHD/ABHDI Judge status who are not teaching.

Assistant Teacher Membership - is available to individuals 17 years and over, who are teaching the NDAA syllabus within a studio where the principal is also a current financial NDAA Full Member, and has attained the NDAA Elementary examination certificate or certificate at higher level or holds similar qualification from an another recognised syllabus.

Associate Membership - is available to individuals who were qualified retired Judges, Teachers and/or Dancers and who have an on-going interest in the NDAA and wish to maintain links with the association.

Higher levels of membership are offered to NDAA teachers of long-standing who have displayed loyalty to NDAA over a long period of time, display consistent excellence in examination results and strong commitments to the success of their students. These levels include Fellowships and Life Memberships.

Membership is valid from 1st July to 30th June each year. A 10% late fee is incurred for all membership fees paid after 1st July each year.
All categories of membership are issued with a Membership Card and number.
Current financial full teacher or judge members of NDAA are entitled to display MNDAA after their name.
All judges, teachers and competitive students are required to uphold the current SOBHD Code of Conduct.
All financial members can attend the NDAA/BAL Annual General Meeting held at Headquarters in Sydney during November, vote on member issues and issues related to their particular membership category, participate in Board initiatives and sub-committees.
All financial members receive a copy of the BAL/NDAA Newsletter usually twice per year.
Judges, teachers and assistant teachers will receive mail outs from time to time related to technical notes gleaned from SOBHD/ABHDI and other sources.
All members are asked to support the NDAA whenever possible at NDAA events and Highland Dancing in general throughout Australia.