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Aims & Purposes
  • To further the art of dance by maintaining the highest standard of technique.
  • To further the art of National Dancing by maintaining the highest standard of technique as set out by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (SOBHD), Edinburgh, Scotland and the Australian Board of Highland Dancing Inc. (ABHDI), represented on the latter by the State and Regional Committees of Highland Dancing.
  • To encourage a livelihood for properly trained dancers and qualified teachers of dancing and their assistants.
  • To establish the recognition of Highland Dancing as a subject in the Department of Education's School Examinations in the same way music is accepted.
  • To ensure that teachers adopt as nearly as possible a similar method of teaching in theory and execution.
  • To create loyalty that will enrich the fellowship of its members.
  • To hold, in partnership with the B.A.L. the parent body, grade examinations in the technique of Highland Dancing for both pupils and teachers and to actively assist teachers and dancers so aspiring, to successfully sit for the SOBHD Judges' Test as set by the Scottish Official Board, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • To promptly disseminate to members all technical matters applicable to Highland Dancing in Australia as received from SOBHD, ABHDI and other Highland Dancing sources.
  • To encourage members to aspire to a high standard of preparation and organisation in order to present and maintain the Grand Australasian Highland Dancing Championships and accompanying events as one of the most prestigious events on the Australian Highland Dancing calendar each year.
  • To maintain membership of State and Regional Committees where NDAA members are domiciled.